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European Furniture, a

Conscious Investment.

Our commitment to provide furniture of superior quality is the reason we carefully choose each product line we carry and partner primarily with European brands.  We look for development standards that cover more that just the final product, including testing of systems and services, workplace health and safety, and regulatory compliance. From the raw material to the finished quality, we are confident about the furniture we are offering you. 


Our designers use only the best quality natural and engineered woods that comply with strict global and European environmental regulations, including FSC certification and EN standards.


Our collections are striking examples of the aesthetic ingenuity and quality the world has come to expect from European furniture, produced from a long history of refined artisanal skill and knowledge.


Our upholstered pieces use environmentally-friendly fabrics that have been selected for beauty, durability and easy care throughout their life. Jalice preferred fabrics are made by Effciency®, a brand focused on producing high-quality textiles while minimizing environmental impact.


Italian leather has long been the standard for quality, and now leads the industry in implementing more environmentally friendly processes that produce less pollution while still creating the most exquisite, high-quality leathers.

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